Fans of the Killzone series in confusion due to cosmetic objects in The Last of US: Part 2 Remastered

Killzone for the first time in ten years received official recognition from PlayStation, but not in the form that fans counted on.

After removing the embargo from the reviews on The Last of US 2 Remastered, more and new intra -game additions for reprints got into the network, including all bonus T -shirts and outfits for Ellie and Abby. And on one of the T -shirts for Ellie proudly flaunts the Killzone logo, but this is not at all what fans of the shooter of the shooters wanted.

In the yard 2024, and for the first time in ten years, Sony recognized Killzone in the form of a fucking T -shirt in the reprint Tlou2.

As a quote from tweet is higher, this is the first time in ten years, when a series of first-person shooters was recognized as PlayStation in any form. Since the time of Killzone: Shadow Fall, who came out with the debut PS4 at the end of 2013, we have never seen or heard about the series.

"I have been waiting for any news about Killzone since the release of Shadowfall, and this is what we got. I hate this place", – writes another Twitter user in response to Ellie T -shirt. It seems that Killzone fans hoped for more than these crumbs of confessions from Sony.

"I’m sorry for Killzone fans sincerely. Sony was very poorly treated for a long time", – Add another Twitter user. "I really want Killzone remaster or something new from this franchise", – Another user adds, repeating many similar moods on Twitter.

In addition, the Resistance T -shirt for Ellie appeared in The Last of US 2 Remastered, which causes similar feelings among fans of a long -forgotten series from Sony. "This is the closest to Resistance for PS4/PS5, and I would really like them to give a chance to remaster of their other games and series", – writes one of Twitter users.

Recently, the affairs of the Killzone franchise are not the best, because the developer of Guerrilla Games seems to intend to expand the Horizon series due to new games and spin-offs. Things are even worse with the Resistance series, in which since 2011 there have not been a single main game. Fans of both episodes for a long time were in the desert of despair.

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