PUBG Mobile revenue amounted to $ 10 billion – this is the second most profitable mobile game in history

For total income in the mobile world and the gaming industry in general, PUBG Mobile is only ahead of the game Honor of Kings from Tencent. The mobile version of the game responsible for the explosion of the royal battle genre, launched in March 2018, actually brought an income of $ 10 billion, which is a truly huge figure.

This figure was published by Sensor Tower, which is analyzing the mobile market, which also provided other information on this issue. For example, 60.3 percent of PUBG Mobile revenues fall on China, 10.7 percent per USA, 3.7 percent – Japan and 1.6 percent – to South Korea.

If we talk about RPD (income from one load), then China still leads from $ 34.2, it follows Japan from $ 31.8, the USA from $ 15.9 and southern Korea from $ 7.9.

On India, where PUBG MOBILE is called Battlegrounds Mobile India, accounts for 21.8 percent of the total download number. Other countries in the three leaders – China (14.3%) and the USA (5.9%). Unfortunately, Sensor Tower did not reveal the total number of downloads.

Developed by the subsidiary of Tencent – Lightspeed & Quantum, Pubg Mobile brings 21.2% of the income of the Chinese giant, ahead of only the aforementioned Honor of Kings from its 26.3%. As for Krafton, which owns intellectual ownership of the game, PUBG Mobile is a source of 87.4% of its mobile income.

Tencent is currently managing the two largest mobile stories of success over the past two years, namely Honor of Kings and Pubg Mobile, which for the specified period brought an income of $ 5 billion and $ 4.5 billion, respectively. The five best games also include Genshin Impact, Candy Crush Saga and Robloox.

In addition, PUBG Mobile is the best mobile joker for income, and the expenses for one player are three times higher than the costs of Free Fire, the closest competitor.

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