Technical specialists from Digital Foundry examined the Alan Wake 2 PS5 version

The game Alan Wake 2 has almost been released, and it is not only magnificent (according to reporters), but also represents a real visual holiday on a PC if you have a powerful "iron", necessary for its launch. But what about the consoles? Recently, many high -class games have been forced even the current generation consoles to work at the limit of their capabilities, and Alan Wake 2 may be the most impressive visual exhibit today, since the game copes with this task? Digital Foundry employees tried to test the Alan Wake 2 version for PS5 (the impressions of the Xbox Series X/S will be presented later), and the results were somewhat ambiguous.

From the point of view of basic visual quality, the Alan Wake 2 version for PS5 looks quite comparable with the version for PCs at maximum settings in geometry, details, etc.D. The only thing that is missed is the functions of tracing rays from the PC version, including reflections and tracing of the contours. Expect that the reflection and shadows on the PS5 will be less of high -quality. On the other hand, only a very small percentage of players on a PC will be able to play a game with all these "lotions". In reality, many PC players, even with relatively powerful GPUs, will play about the same visual settings as on PS5.

As for resolution and performance, Alan Wake 2 on PS5 offers both quality mode with a frequency of 30 frames per second, and a performance mode with a frequency of 60 frames per second. In mode "Quality" The resolution is only 1272p, while FSR2 is used to increase resolution to 4K, and in mode "Performance" – only 872p, while FSR2 is used to increase resolution to 1440p. Increased resolution using FSR is not so flawless, DF detects a large amount of aliasing, especially in Performance mode. As for performance, the quality mode mainly holds at a level of 30 frames per second, especially in rooms, but on the street it can sneak several frames (usually less than 5 frames per second). The performance mode is generally similar – stable 60 frames per second in the premises, but in some places in the open air the frequency drops up to 50 frames per second.

In general, the Alan Wake 2 PS5 version looks quite solid, especially compared to the problems that Control had on consoles. With the exception of those few whose consoles are able to work with the complete trajectory trajectory, the console version of the game looks quite comparable to the PC. Nevertheless, if you look closely, you can see that Remedy has strained a little to make the game work on the consoles of the current generation.

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