Great update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on September 21

Large -scale update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077 is released on September 21, which means that you will have five days to start a new passage of the game before the release of Phantom Liberty September 26. Well, of course, in five days you will not have time to pass the game so deeply, but remember that start Phantom Liberty Can will after Completion of the branch of the Bridget and the vuduists of the main part of the plot.

Here are the main points 2.0 In accordance with the CDPR own review:

  • Recycled trees of skills and privileges
  • Processed cyberspace and new capabilities
  • Fight on vehicles and chases
  • Improving combat AI
  • New police system
  • Improving the user interface and user interface
  • Changes in lutus, objects and craft production
  • New radio stations
  • And much more

To clarify, the existing conservations will work in version 2.0, but you will have to redistribute abilities, as well as adapt to all changes in the gameplay.

It seems to me that the point will start the game from the beginning, and not use the SEV from the current version

Of course because the new game +is not but you hold on)

Definitely only like that.

If you are lucky, they add an action to the first company. For there are missies where it was already supposed to be. As in the case of Panama, he stole a basilisk, you go in a cake with the inscription to guard the convoy, and there is Tish and the surface.

And what is its meaning, the enemies have no auto-leveling. And why NG+, the game was originally built, to gradually get development, something in the spirit to go through your history. Like in BG3. If you want to ruin the Cheliks with all the perks in the beginning, put the trainer, with the exception of a couple of guns, everything will be the same.

No desire to start this game from the beginning. Knowing how all gameplay mechanics are realized in it. Absolutely none of them work normally, and some (such as the physics of transport), and are completely dead. And I strongly doubt that this patch will fix the situation.

Everything was so sad that they seemed to score for the game, but no, correct, well done. Although of course a spoon is a road to dinner. And if the addition comes out worthy, it will be cool in general.

Something like with no man`s Sky. But yes, despite the final result, the tendency itself is so -so

Well, you compared, but Mine Sky is so much patchy and add, in the cybersnaran only Liberty will be stuffed and clogged, as it was a shortage will remain

Em. I’m sorry, but what is your statement based on? I somehow did not see the statements from sidiprojects that after the release of DLC, they stop support. Racks but Man Sky, at one time, in general in the basement, locked and finished the game. There was no rumor or spirit. Where did you get the idea that the edges will score?

I am interested in whether they will finish the trace of the path, or it will remain an experimental

Will be. The final version comes out with the update.

https: //
Probably yes

And Dlss had to do with it? It improves the quality of trace, no more. This is not connected with the tracer of the path

But they didn’t talk about it anywhere. You never know

Said NVIDIA if I’m not mistaken.

Damn, and start? 26 or 21, the DLC is somehow inscribed in history before the end or not.

New Lut, pumping, etc.D. Again, of course.

La. Okay, you have to start it again.

DLC begins somewhere in the middle.

You did not understand, in any case I will start first, the question is when to start it, 21 or 26

that is, it is still inscribed in the main story? And there is somewhere confirmation?

Well, finally) you can relax)

The new patch will again correct the bugs and make others? The game is all interesting and good (everything was better than at the start), but the bugs are stamped straight

Pre -ordered on a torrent

No, it does not exist!

Only Frame Generation! Only this power!

Like Baldurs Gate 3 September 21)

Some kind of damned magic number or something 🙂

And DLC to the rubber band 4, and Pay Day 3 is also 21 numbers))

Oh!just a day!

There will be a reason to go through this game for the 30th)))

In just a couple of evenings to run. The game loses its entire scale if you move only in the plot.

Witcher 3 broke, now they break the Cyberpunk 2077, the Poles are able to break cool games.

– it will be possible after the completion of the branch Bridget and the vuduists of the main part of the plot.

What time is it upgraded?

Someone writes at 2 a.m., someone 18:00 after broadcasting developers

In 5 days I will have time to go through

I didn’t think at all that I will say it. But after the Case of Dogs Legion passed, I realized that Cyberpank was just feces compared to him in terms of gameplay. Yes, the production in it is cooler, the plot missions are better. But as soon as it comes to the open world of its interactivity and gameplay in it, then Cyberpunk just crumbles before our eyes. He simply does not withstand any comparison with gamepaeus of the Game of Jubisoft.

I have a similar opinion. But only the legion for me is also a trash, the first part is much better, but it is already morally obsolete

The first part is better than the plot. For in the legion there is simply no. But the legion is better gameplay.

And nothing that in the legion, in my opinion, I flew almost the entire game on quadric and in my opinion a lot of content is held this method . Afiete what gameplay =) and the plot is zero . stupidly shorter to fly . It seems to be more interesting in cybercules. At least I will not turn on the watches dogs if I left there 2.0 patch and here I am straight plan to go again . Played on the release.

Do not lie, so the whole game will not work. The game has many diverse missions in which you have to play in different ways. But the most important in the gameplay of the legion is the balance. Which they finally managed to achieve. It is equally difficult/easy to play both on stealth and in open. As for Cyberpan, this is a mediocre monotonous shooter. In which no gameplay mechanics works. Stealth does not work there, there is no immersion, hacking will not work. And if it turns out to be zero. Unlike the Legion. There are no physics of machines, unlike the legion. The chases with the police again, unlike the legion, do not work. There is no shooting from transport. Obviously, something from this will add patch 2.0. But even after that, I doubt that the gameplay of cyberpunk compare with the legion. So your comment is a continuous lies and lies.

P.With. And by the way, everyone is about*and the Starfield for animations, but you try to jump out of the car on the move in Cyberpanka and look at the animation. This is what I would say to the real g*extra. There is no such animation of the car in any game.

I played for a long time but remembered that I had to clean the card . like to free hostages or other hackers to your team. In short, the meaning is a map with advanposts. I traveled along them and it seems that 60-70 percent I flew around them quadric and broke with hacking . All =) the fact that I abused this method and myself did not go into buildings, etc . Well, ok . I’m just not one of those people who will get into a boss in some sorts. This is feces =) my task is to go through the game and not kill 3 hours on the boss. This was not exactly the case in the legion . Stupidly go flying haka you run away. you go flying haka you run away =) Why don’t I understand the hacker in the buildings myself =) in the past Watch Dogs on a typewriter there is a bunch of games . Apparently you get hut to platinum in games = (

Now you sit like a fool wait when the update will appear, t.To. there is no info for whatever it will appear, and it will not be known to the bracket will be scheduled

The point of passing if everything that can be done in the game has passed and found, I played 250 hours. Upers and see what was brought there in 2.0

And I have subtracted. passed only until the opening of the whole city

Trips to the subway did not add, although they promised

They also promised two DLS, but in the end they did not do it, so forget it and play

They did not promise how much addition they would do. Even if anyone that the one said with them, this does not mean that it will be so, because they did not take money for this (gamepass and so on).

And they were promised? why do you need a trip to the subway?

Metro is fashionable

And why are they ? And most importantly why ? Why spend resources on the function of which will be used once and clog ?

Sounds like a set of marketing phrases, behind which nothing specific is worth. Again 2077 Cyberbagov is waiting for us

The metro will be added ? Without a subway, even if they don’t start

Why do you need a metro when there are fast movement points in the game?

Why in a witcher is roach, if there are fast movement points?)

This is the metro, as planned by raids

On the nose 2024, 4 years they update something, update. I’m waiting for the end of this event to finally play. I understand it here without options – play or score.

The game was released 2 years and 9 months ago

Fixed. Or rather rounded.

Yes, at least a year ago! She should come out with minimal errors, which must be eliminated within a month and the point! And here is the date 2020, and soon there will be 2024 in the calendar. Do not find fault with the little things, visually the 2020 and 2024 is still uncomfort!

I’ll make a gift to myself, I’ll buy even a passing game of some kind of passing game to Steam even, although it is pissed roosts.
I don’t think to play on the second release that there will be a point, there will probably be patches.

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