Visual novel “One Eleven” was released to early access

In early access, Steam came out a visual short story from Vivi called One Eleven.

Игрокам предлагают пройти интересную детективную историю с полноценной русской озвучкой, в создании которой приняли участие многие стримеры GoodGame’a, включая Bonivur’a, Hellgirl, Frozza, Evilmickie, Marabunta, Tescatlipoka, а также Tsunami World и Integra_Atreides.

The first thing that catches the eye when starting the game is a visual style. Unlike many other projects in this genre, One Eleven does not shine with bright colors and anime characters, but tries to create a much more gloomy and realistic atmosphere, which is supported by a fairly good sound accompaniment.

If we talk about gameplay, then there are no serious discrepancies with the canons of the genre. Sometimes you will be offered to explore locations for interesting details or evidence, but most of the game will be held in dialogs with characters who really got quite good voice acting in English. Well, of course, there were no terrible plot for developing, when your actions or words can directly affect the course of history.

The last paragraph is especially important, because since the plot is based on a detective story with murders, the number of “bad endings”, often ending with the death of the hero, is quite large here. In addition, the One Eleven has a system of “relationships with the characters”, so if you by chance insulting some NPC at the start, then you should not be surprised when he refuses your help at the right time.

The story itself turned out to be quite interesting, but given the fact that in the game, according to the sensations, there is a fraction of a random, which should make each passage unique, the scope for reigree is huge, which is extremely important for a not particularly long game like One Eleven (on average You can get to a neutral finale in two or three hours). So if you have a desire to thoroughly understand what is happening, then you will need several passages, in each of which you will collect all the new information.

Finally, it is worth recalling that at the moment the game is still in early access and there are still a certain number of bugs in it, and small shortcomings slip through the quality of the text quite good in quality. Nevertheless, the development team does not plan to dwell on the achieved: the game will continue to polish, and in the near future we are promised to add new plot branches and even content 18+.

You can find out more about the game on the page on Steam’e, and there you can find a free demo.

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