CD Projekt Red shares fell by 7%

During the auction on October 6, a noticeable decrease in the cost of shares of CD Project RED occurred. According to Bloomberg, after the start of trading, the cost of shares of the company fell by 8.2% and amounted to 109 zlotys ($ 25) apiece.

Such a decrease in the cost of shares may be associated with the reaction of investors to costs associated with the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

"A high budget for development and marketing means that the addition did not reach the level. Moreover, this may mean that investors underestimate the cost of future games", – In an interview with Bloomberg, analyst Katskper Kopron.

At the moment, there is a drop in shares by 7%, which may indicate that the value of shares is gradually starting to stabilize.

Recently reported expenses related to Cyberpunk 2077, which the company faced. CDPR reported that since the launch of the game in 2020, she spent more than $ 120 million on Cyberpunk 2077. According to developers, about $ 125 million was invested in various aspects of the improvement of Cyberpunk 2077. About $ 40 million. It was aimed at correcting errors, supporting compatibility with the consoles of the new generation and a significant update 2.0. In addition, another $ 84.3 million. was invested in the development of DLC Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077. The cost of developing this addition is estimated at about $ 62.7 million. and more $ 21.6 million. was allocated for marketing events, as reported by representatives of the company.

As for other news about CD Projekt Red, Adam Kichinsky, the general director of the company, will leave his post at the beginning of next year. Until 2025, he will occupy the position of director of strategy.

We should buy up now, and at the first trailer Cyberpunk 2 to sell)

And on the release deuces, buy again? ))

Promotions are bought when they grow, and not fall))

Good advice actually, and the cons of the time instructed)

When they grow, inexperienced people buy.

When for three years he finished the engine from which he refused at the end. T.e. For three years he threw out the company’s money into an unpromising (from the point of view of the company) development. Why then be surprised then?

Real ruled, ruled bugs and now they go to the new engine, as if there would be no bugs) it would be better if it would be sawn a new game on the old engine, quickly

They literally got out of the anus, into which they drove themselves. They essentially had no other way out because they scared their cornering programmers rumbling in RED Endin and the Pump method finished the game..)

Now they leave their engine due to its inoperability.

The joke that the engine is quite efficient. Update 2.0 and looks great and optimized well. And the fantom Liberty did something? They have both the engine and coders and programmers. They do not have enough logic.

I see you don’t know the nuances of programming. I’ll explain to you.

Codes are divided into two groups: Cor programmers and conditionally auxiliary.
Cor (core) programmers create the foundation of the whole game, they write mechanics and implement gameplay features and aspirations of designers.
And secondary programmers are engaged in scripts and light (superficial) codes of.e. They can work with them and do something to the code but not write it from scratch because their knowledge does not allow.

The situation with the SDPR and RED engine was that because of the dragon working conditions and the low salary, all the Corporals who knew the capabilities of the engine and knew how to work with the studio. And those who stayed – they knew nothing of this. For this reason, we saw moments indicating that Cyberpank 2077 literally consisted of crutches and sticks.

And that’s why:
1. Extremely curve optimization and a bunch of graph. bugs – inability to work with the count. core.
2. A bunch of hidden locations that are unloaded into the game by overloading the iron iron..
3. A bunch of cut -off mechanics, such as flying transport, metro, tira..
4. Lack of customization of transport.
5. Roach on wheels! )) This is perhaps the most ardent example of the fact that profiles worked with the game. Transport mechanics are a separate mechanics with their physics. But in Cyberpanka, the Datamainers found a roach code that the wheels literally attached. This means that the programmers of the SDPR – could not write a vehicle cord and decided to use the roach code from the witcher 3.
6. The end of the police that is generally a separate topic in programming – actually cerebral programmers work on AI and they are very expensive, the SDPR closed the money. It is possible that the police in 2.0 worked at all on outsource.

All this indicates that the game was finished as it will turn out with the help of crutches and collective farms as they could..))
Of course, I do not exclude the moment that there was a programmer with straight arms and a smart head (most likely from among fans), who in a couple of years figured out the engine code and managed to at least bring the development of the game to a logical conclusion.
But the very fact that the SDPR leaves the RED engine on UE5 suggests that in the studio there is simply no one who knows how to work effectively with it, and to tighten the development for years and score on the release, the studio can not afford to purely more financially more. )

These are the things.

This is still in the budget for development by many unofficial costs have not taken into account.

My friend had a small studio, he dreamed of working with raads. As a result, they hired him, but muddied with the contract so that the friend was forced to beat off the team and the promised money through the court. As a result, he went out to zero, having lost a bunch of nerves, but the Canadian, Spanish and other Rada studios gobbled up. Of course, putting it like "Successful expansion"

Therefore, the budget of half a billion is actually the tip of the iceberg of their fraud.

CDPR reported that since the launch of the game in 2020, she spent more than $ 120 million on Cyberpunk 2077.

It seems to me or in this text error? How can you spend 120 million from the start of the launch, when the game and the DLS taken together described below are more expensive than this amount

Complete game occurs in the world!!Lie and hypocrisy time!!At a masterpiece of cyberpunk 2077 and Super Dls Fantom Liberty, which can be compared with the blood and wine of the witcher 3, shares are falling and the full piece of feces and urine of the fierce stroke Starfield, on the contrary, grow and where is the logic and the truth is here. Full paragraph

I recently read that 3 lies of sales of the DLC, already paid off. And from a fig, they spent 80 lyama on him, someone clearly steals there or the grandmas went to the actors)

On the actor, a black man like 13 Lyamov sang on a fee.

Dad.. And where is Cyberpank – a masterpiece? The game is good, but it does not pull the masterpiece. CDPR did not take such a voluminous universe in the format of the game, whatever one may say. Were able to direct, in everything else – with varying success.

The masterpiece of Cyberpan 2077 and Super DLS Fantom Liberty

Such nizes on PG love and do not ban.

Good game is good sales, and bad plays are bad.

Starfield is a good game. Whoever said, even despite all the political mud from the gazebo and Mycrosoft, even despite the promises not fully fulfilled – Staphrid is the best that has been published over the past 7 years of Follout 4.

This is exactly what the game in which is nice to play. This is not a dull linear kinzo as a baldura 3 and not the luter@shooter as a cyberpunk. This is a full -fledged RPG game with great freedom

Isn’t that the problem?

All due to the fact that CDPR has banned for the English Federation the purchase of their games in Steam. So sniff the bebra

And where are their shares in general bought? In which application, or on which site?

At binary auctions

Here’s what happens with greedy freaks who dream to sell investors with giblets instead of making it difficult and then earn loot on their work!

How I carried Pshekov from the SDPR to fluff, but even I admit that the Poshki was rehabilitated for all 100 after their addition to ghostly freedom because it is gorgeous)
But instead of congratulations for good work and a partial return of reputation, curly burry freaks from investors, having heard that the SDPR had packed a bunch of dough on the creation of a masterpiece, began to hastily sell the shares because they were small and expensive sluts would not be enough for them. 🤦 Alexander;

It’s better to sell the soul to eternal slavery than to contact with such greedy curly-cards creatures, which, due to their greed, are ready and the world in powder to erase and mother’s mother to sell their profits.

No one will pay, for their shares, such money, as it works at all, is not clear, this is a huge question for the stock exchange, where the shares of the office of the office are sold above the EPPA or conditional mayorosoft, it is simply ridiculous

Well, if you don’t know how the stock market works, then there are a lot of questions) the initial price is set on the basis of the capital of the company, after which it all depends on demand, the more people want to buy, the more expensive the promotion and vice versa. This is if it is as simple as possible. And the shares of EPPA and Mycrosoft are much more expensive, I don’t know why you decided that the shares of the Knone of the offices are sold above, this is nonsense in itself

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