According to rumors, some “panic” is observed in Square Enix due to the low number of pre-orders of Final Fantasy 16

According to the new hearing, in Square Enix there is some "panic" regarding Final Fantasy 16. More precisely, Square Enix, according to this hearing, "Slightly panic" Due to the number of preliminary orders of the game, which is supposedly lower than the number of preliminary orders Final Fantasy 15. The message came from the insider of the Imran Khan industry, a source that has a rather mixed reputation. According to the khan, the forecast takes into account a smaller number of platforms.

In addition to this, Khan spoke about the sales of Final Fantasy 7, noting that although at first the remake was sold "pretty good", Its sales slowed faster than Square Enix predicted.

I am talking about this because I recently heard that Square Enix is ​​a little panic due to the number of preliminary orders Final Fantasy 16, which lag behind the Final Fantasy 15 even taking into account the smaller number of launching platforms. Of course, these are the numbers of preliminary orders, and they are usually useful only to evaluate guaranteed sales on the first day (compared to potential sales on the first day), so that the actual figures can hit all. But, given the current data, I wonder if they would like to remind people of the existence of the next head of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy and give her more marketing time than they planned. The initial sales of Remake were pretty good, but they slowed down faster than the Square Enix expected, so I believe that they really want Rebirth to be sold as best as possible. Well, of course, they want, but I believe that they are very, very much hope for sales growth.

Is all this true? Who knows. But even if this is so, it does not mean that the game has problems. Preliminary orders can be useful for evaluating sales on the first day, but nothing more. So far, Final Fantasy 16 looks so that Square Enix expects a great success. Which is even more important, the game looks and sounds great, and this is the main thing for fans.

Final Fantasy 16 will come out all over the world on June 22, 2023. When the game comes out, it will become an exclusive for the PlayStation 5 and will be exclusive for this platform for at least six months, if not more, but potentially and much longer.

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