According to the narrative director, the Star Wars Outlaws setting is a “dream playground”

Since the announcement of Star Wars Outlaws in June, the game about the game began to appear on the network quite often. This is mainly due to the developers themselves, who willingly share new details about the game. Some time ago, they assured us that the game would not be huge and should not be afraid that it would be exorbitantly large. And now, thanks to a recent interview with the director of the story, we learned a little more about the narrative and plot side of the game.

In a recent interview with Game InFormer, Navid Khavari Navid Khavari admitted that to place the plot of the game between "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi" it really was a great idea from the developers. As it turned out, such a setting is "playground" the scriptwriter’s dreams that can say that when creating a plot layer, the scriptwriters from the Massive Entertainment were by no means afraid to experiment.

In addition, according to the developer, the positioning of Kay Wesser, the heroine who, to one degree or another, earns a living by shadow transactions with the criminal world, should be strong during this period "Anchor of the narrative".

During the interview, the question was also asked about the sources of inspiration, in particular, how inspired by the developers were inspired by the creation of Outlaws with a similar game from this universe – Star Wars Shadows of the Empire, which also takes place at the same period. Khavari admitted that he played this game in the Nintendo 64 era, but emphasized that the adventures of Kay Wesse will be "An original product".

Later in an interview, the developer confirmed what was known for a long time, namely: Star Wars Outlaws will become "More cinematic" Thanks to a number of options adding the atmosphere of cinema of the 1970s. We will learn the final results of this work only after the release, which is planned no earlier than 2024.

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