Bioware announced that now it will be engaged in single -user games

After confirming the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new team from Boadsword, BioWare reported that he will from now focus on her single -user games.

Bioware General Manager Gary McKay presented brief information about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the next game Mass Effect:

“For Dragon Age, we continue to create, polish and configure the exceptional experience, which, as we know, will like our fans. We cannot wait to talk more about it in the near future. For Mass Effect, we continue preliminary preparations with the main team of veterans-storytellers who reveal the deep history of the franchise in the gravy new manner ”.

I do not expect anything from them and I don’t hope anything.

You can hope for the return of music and Zeshchuk, but they are unlikely to want to rake these Augi stables

So they threw the games 10 years ago. I wouldn’t hope

Spiders has more hope than biovar.

And, of course, you decided to wrap it in a commentary.

Come on?!))) Finally came to them))

You will be surprised, but the sweatter hangs in the top 15 most popular MMOs and livelier than all living things. This is the only work that remains of the golden era of biowarers and they destroy it. By the way, Artem, although he received great support than the sweater, lagged behind the indicators in all respects)

You have some kind of fetish to call your names?

He broadcasts in Zumersky.

And what have they been doing all these years at all?

For which testicle they kept him? he even ran away from them)

Really Jade Empire 2 will see?))

Good luck to make at least something level of the first mass effect on the level of the Tao can dream of them

You were bewitched. The opposite is true. Something level of Tao, and the level of Massych is already a dream.

The level of nonlinearity in the Tao waves the penis of Massych especially the first

Stop arguing, both are good in terms of the plot, atmosphere and play.

Forever in our hearts

How it waves ? Tao is a purebred clone of ME 2

Tao is an absolute masterpiece masterpiece. Arguments: a well -adapted ENT, non -tlilence, which in the mass effect was given a little attention (I am a fan of Massych and love this universe cordially) also a gameplay very good

"BioWare announced that now will be engaged in single -user games"

Very easy Grind Reputation, plunged into shit to the very ears, and extremely difficult, and sometimes almost impossible pull out yourself from cloaca and Restore the reputation. IMHO, I’m waiting for nothing From today’s bioware after their walking for the seas (MMO and other AAA slag of the latter, excess, decades), and therefore with a calm soul, I will observe their attempts become those who they were many, many years ago. I hope they succeed, everyone should have a second chance, but not everyone has the mind to use it.

Here the main problem is that from Those BioWare in the studio only the name remains. And all. So we can say that there are no "restoration of reputation", After all, all that shit is the new BioWare.

The problem is that people who were heard from the studio have left the studio. If you only knew Hudson, Laidlow, Gider and Karpishin, this still does not mean anything.

Studio veterans working there almost from the last century are still working on games. But, of course, the names of Cheryl Chi (wrote to Lelian, Ogren and Isabella), Mary Kirby (Login, Varrick, Merril, Vivien), Lucas Christiansen (sulfur, Avelin, Arishk), they say nothing to you. John Eepler has been responsible for symbolic since Evekening, Matt Rhodes (concept art), and recently returned Mark Darra (executive producer of the Taoe-Dai).

And all these people, like many others that I have not called, have been working in the studio since time immemorial, when Orijing has not even existed.

Darra is not an indicator at all)

If DAO can be called a good game (although some storylines annoyed more than others), then DAI is still that mediocre thing outside the main plot branch and quests of characters.

If the next game fails, then EA will slam biothenses.

ahahaha, why suddenly?

It reached them for a long time.Financial losses help in this case, and on a smaller scale loss of reputation.

I’m waiting for me very much!
I hope soon they will finally show us something

4 years to wait or maybe 5, I think for the 26-27 years the release window will be given how they do DA3 🙁

I’m waiting for the new Dragon Age, at least some information

Like we’ll finish what is still floundering?

It’s good that this year they don’t release anything, against the background of BG3 their RPG would look sorry for)

And you already played it (a)? Aunt Cleaner in Bioware?

He compares the incomparable. Though both RPGs, but to take the same DOS2 and Massik2, although they are both uber-city, it is difficult to compare them among themselves.

Still, the services-services have gone the past.

But you can already release Da4 so as not to wait 5 years, not?

I don’t forgive Generals 2

They will do what the owners will order to do.

Why everyone likes Tali? Even her face is not visible. Let her race with some interest are, after all, they created these.. robots, but still. Without any homo, but the same alien, the last of his race was more interesting.

This year, it makes no sense to release preciousege, because the nose has very loud releases such as Starfield, BG3 and some other, too much competition.

They would have remembered the nephritic empire, because not with poor potential the series could have turned out

Let them release something suitable first, the ato is only heard news about alterations and transfers of projects. For the new Dragon Age, I am scared, how many times it was redone.

I just imagine what hell has happened there for the next 2 years, until the EA conducted a restructuring. Perhaps she will not help this studio how she has not yet died.

Very time guys, very on time, interesting someone else believes that they will come out of something suitable?

I believe. I liked the Inquisition very. 200+ hours for the first passage. In Andromeda, I liked the idea and firing mechanics, open world. Weak characters and plot were only leaked, but there was potential.

They got the best part of the masses of Andromed. I have no doubt that they will continue to continue to make excellent games

Well, why so fat then)

The release inquisition was still that muck compared to past games, even the same Dragon Age 2 began to be considered something average, but then the biovars went to the bottom. After that, the same Inquisition does not seem bad, although in fact this is the average product and no more and is related to this with the fact that the developers decided in a massstrab, not the plot. I am not saying that the Inquisition is very bad, but the quests in the format to bring/find/eliminate strongly spoil the impression, and they will have to do it, how do you need to go through the influence of influence that are pounded only through tasks.

Andromeda->The same problems only in space-> Again, additional quests that are mostly similar to any MMO, with the exception of some.

The idea is merged into the toilet together with the plot, how do we say that we are a pioneer and we will open the worlds and the like, and as a result you arrive at each planet and sixehs/diplomat on those who have already settled before us, brilliantly, while brilliants, while Even in the main arches, well, there is no such interesting or important. What is well done in Andromeda is a fight, but that’s all, but BioWare Games I loved not for the fight*

Well, in fact, I just expressed my opinion, you think that Andromeda is good to be yours, this is your opinion.

I understand. I am not going to protect them of the last 2 products before criticizing the justified, if only it was not thoughtless cheatics and herd opinion.

But if interesting I will tell you experience. The Inquisition is very interesting at the gamepad (for the first time on the clave I did not master more than 3 hours). There is a completely different experience on the gamepad, it is pleasant to move and Damage, leave, gleam, etc.D. Cool sensations when hooks appear or spiteen jerk. Also leisurely if you read notes, then you are imbued with mini quests. Dragon campaigns are generally a masterpiece, I had to build entire builds on every Persian. You also sit on the study if you opened a unique armor or drawing in the caves, then it’s interesting to look for the rest and yes, it makes you farm unfortunately. These fragments are. Nadnyatina begins. But then the effect of the builds is felt, from the shmot. In the mass effect, only in the first I wanted to get the whole spectrum of clothes and somehow to equip the partners, but there the plot was seized of course and sometimes it was sometimes that sometimes it was. The Inquisition has a lot of good. The plot is there, if you delve into, then it is quite normal, there are unexpected moments. One appearance of Morrigan what is worth. I was already demolished by the roof, because in Orijing the whole game for an affair with it went. The Persians themselves are all unique and funny. Andromede was definitely not enough for this. But it just didn’t seem like heating the team like that, it has been going on for many years. People have chosen not the best game for the game and started working with it. This does not cancel the jambs in the plot and the overall picture, but still there was a potential for both games and I saw a huge development. Well, not to put the cross on the company for sure. Although perhaps I love their original games too much and is biased and imbued with weak last projects on the wave of past games. Everything can be. But I really look forward to a new drag and mass 4 even more so.

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