Digital Foundry tested Starfield on consoles and were satisfied

The long -awaited game Bethesda, Starfield, caused huge expectations thanks to the promise of adventures covering the entire galaxy and rich content. Although there were concerns about technical problems and performance, the game seems to have decided these fears.

One of the key problems was Starfield compatibility with Xbox Series S. This junior console from Microsoft encounters contradictions due to restrictions in memory, throughput and performance of the graphic processor. Despite the lack of pre -launch materials for Series S, it seems that the game works smoothly both on Series X and S. Several hours of gaming testing did not reveal serious mistakes or problems, which is a significant improvement compared to previous Bethesda issues.

Visually, Starfield has a high level of detail, impressive post -cutting and beautiful environmental design. In terms of graphics quality, the game surpasses the past works by Bethesda. However, there are some compromises, such as frequent loading screens and limiting the frame rate of 30 frames per second on consoles. These restrictions were expected, but the question remains whether 30 frames per second are sufficiently stable to ensure satisfactory experience.

Despite these insignificant problems, Starfield versions for Xbox Series X and S demonstrate a smooth gameplay, stable performance and detailed graphics. Despite the differences in the distance of the drawing and the density of the foliage, the total experience on both consoles remains the same. The details of the textures are comparable, and more noticeable differences are manifested at large distances. The terrain rendering and the quality of the shadows on Series S are a little worse, but these discrepancies are not so easy to notice without a thorough comparison.

In general, Starfield is impressive with stable performance and image quality. Players can confidently immerse themselves in the game after its release, since the delay, it seems, contributed to obtaining an honed and pleasant experience.

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