The authors of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League told that they are waiting for players after passing the plot of the game

Developers from the Rocksteady Studios studio have held a new Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League for representatives of the press and bloggers. As part of this event, the developer team dwell on the topic of Endheim in detail. After completing the main plot of the game, players expect many secondary adventures and content, available only after watching the final credits. Now we have a general idea of ​​how Endheim will look, and what gameplay opportunities will receive after the end of the game.

After completing the main Suicide Squad campaign: Kill the Justice League players await new adventures. Endheim in the game is represented by multiverse, where the main characters can find familiar characters from the DC universe and participate in various additional tasks. Journalists managed to find out additional details about Endheim in a conversation with representatives of Rocksteady:

  • The end of the game is skill. Mastering the game mechanics, movement, environment, rules of missions and, most importantly, the creation of assemblies. All this will unite in an increasingly difficult test, in which you will have to strengthen your equipment, get more powerful equipment and find new synergies and combinations to cope with a constantly growing test.
  • The assemblies in this game are designed to fundamentally change your play style. As the game develops, hundreds of builds will become available. Missions at the end of the game will be known as "Mission of invasion", where you have to move to other universes or lands and perform various tasks.
  • Different versions of heroes appear on different versions of the Earth. At the end of the game, the difficulty will constantly increase. This is known as skill levels. Different levels of skill have different effects, such as an increase in damage and health of enemies, as well as the emergence of mutators – special types of opponents.
  • At the beginning of the season there will be 6 types of enemies with mutators, and during the season they will change. In the metropolis, it will be possible to collect a resource called "Estumium", which is used to protect the ship and transition to other measurements. When you have enough resources, you can buy a mission "Invasion" and move to other universes.
  • Season 0 will be devoted to Bane, and in the near future the developers will provide additional details about the first season.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is released on February 2 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Early access is open from January 30 for Deluxe Edition buyers.

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