Cargo management and survival in the Alaskan Road Truckers gameplay trailer

The new Alaskan Road Truckers trailer (officially known as Alaskan Truck Simulator) was shown during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase summer exhibition. The trailer emphasizes that the game has much more opportunities than just sitting behind the wheel.

The trailer also discloses the deadline for the game – autumn 2023, and confirms that console releases on PS5 and Xbox Series are already on the way.

Of course, trucks are an important part of this game: various vehicles are modeled in the smallest details and equipped with all control elements that you expect. You will need to choose a suitable car for the upcoming trip, attach the anti -scenes chains where it is necessary, and pack other tools to cope with the difficulties of survival in the wild.

However, exactly what happens when you leave the cab, distinguishes Alaskan Road Truckers from other driving simulators. Take the gas pumps pump to refuel, then open the hood to carry out realistic maintenance and repair that will help you support the truck in working condition using a number of interactions and mini-games.

Go to the store and find canned food and snacks on the shelves that you will need to use on the road to hold back hunger. During the trip, you will also have to monitor the level of energy, stopping on vacation, when it is necessary to maintain strength.

On the road you will face extreme conditions, including obstacles such as fallen trees that will need to be removed before you can continue your route. Remove the chainsaw and clear them so that you can continue the path, but follow the temperature during snow storms and try to return to the heat of the cab before the cold is overwhelmed.

The game Alaskan Road Truckkers will be released in the fall of 2023 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC via Steam, Epic Games and Gog.Com.

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