City Car Driving 2.0 – Diaries of developers #12+1 – How is the work on the game after completing work with the prototype

We never told the development sequence in the format of diaries: what we did, how we are going through, and what will happen next. Only one of the diaries was dedicated to how we began to develop City Car Driving.

As noted in the tenth diary, we came to the creation of the game gradually: we collected various assemblies, tested engines.

In this diary we will talk about how work is going on CCD 2.0 After we completed work with the prototype: how many people are in the team, that we fully implemented, and that we are still preparing.

After the prototype and confirmation for us that CCD 2.0 can be created, the very first thing we decided to create from scratch is setting. We understood that many were waiting for updates to the first part, but I wanted to give something new.

Setting | Location

The very first thing that our small team began is the concept of the main location that will open CCD 2.0.

Of the many options, we have chosen an average option in the south of the Mediterranean with European rules of traffic rules.

Such a decision was made because we wanted to re -inate the main game formula CCD.
The scene of the original CCD – UK. Regardless of the change in the database of traffic rules in the settings, the location did not change.

We did not really like this – this contradicted the first principle developed for us: everything should be authentic, and not knock out from the gameplay.

It is because of the totality of our approach and the desire to try something new, ssd 2.0 opens the Mediterranean location where the eternal summer reigns.

At the same time, we understand the likelihood that you do not want to study the traffic rules of a particular country in which most players do not live. European road safety rules are very universal – they are similar to many rules of the countries of the world (except for unique ones, such as Great Britain, for example), and in our idea, should be suitable for most players.

In the future, we plan to expand and add game locations – to move from abstract "European Mediterranean countries" To specifics.

During the development, we saw all your reviews, so the first thing we want to add is UK. Only after the implementation of the European and English region, we will fully think about the expansion of intra -game geography.


Before we began in detail in our diaries about what we are developing, it seems that we literally take the original CCD, transfer it to the modern engine, remake it all in love with the favorite locations and everything. In fact, along with the development of location, we designed and updated the gameplay.

The combination of gaming modes into one turned the entire gameplay into a campaign. This entailed a rejection of the possibility of setting up a player in the quantity and density of traffic. Refusal of free choice of weather conditions and time.

Instead, we are developing an environment that simulates a full -fledged game world with its own rules and a dynamic change in weather and traffic.

In addition to global changes in the weather – a reduction in a driving school followed. In CCD 2.0 saved basic exercises and exam. However, during the development we removed many exercises. This was required to compensate for something: so there were testing. Cargo transportation is a logical continuation of what was in the original CCD.

Also, the entire corresponding automotive life infrastructure was added.

Team | How are things now

Of course, in words, in the form of a small retelling, it looks like a great car symbulator. Let’s go to the key points of the project in reality. The concept of gameplay, locations and the main mechanic was completed in mid -2022. After, we started developing.

On congratulations on 2023, we had approximately ready a location and several main mechanics. We expected that we could quickly talk about the development of the project, but our silence was delayed for six months – this is due to the fact that we cleaned part of the mechanic in a long box (we have not yet talked about them, all of the listed in the diaries – it will be in the game). Part of the location also had to be removed.

Realizing that we are silent for too long, the travel on the most finished street in the game was shot – this was the first teaser of the game.

Then and now we did not start an advertising company. We share the development with the audience that has accumulated over the years of life of the original CCD and carefully select the entire feedback; At this pace, we can create what we planned, have time to make changes to the project, and lay out opportunities for the future.

After a long time to develop, we decided to share a little information about ourselves, and at what stage development.

At the moment fifteen. Initially CCD 2.0 developed no more than three people.

One and half year; Before that, research was carried out, various prototypes were created.

Despite the fact that we are Forward and develop City Car Driving 2.0, we are a separate unit from the simulators and create the game.

  • Why will the game be released in early access?

We do not have a budget to create a large -scale car system. As everyone knows, in the game industry, car symphulators are not very popular. The second reason – we want to see your reviews and plan a future game together.

  • Why are many requests an answer "No, this will not happen"?

The type of game has already been planned, therefore, at the moment we are creating a foundation for the future. We collect all the reviews: about the regime of a drunk driver, and about UK, and about traffic rules in the UK.

We optimized the game for different devices. For example, the teaser was removed at the settings "default", Not even on the average graphics settings. From that moment – it has changed for the better. We constantly share the view of the game "for now", Therefore, before the release of the game in early access, we will definitely show the final type of graphics.

  • Why are diaries only once every two weeks, and the video formats, even short, appeared not so long ago?

We do not have a team for development and marketing. All videos and screenshots are filmed during the work of levets designers. Most diaries where a serious technical component is not affected, our game designer writes. The tester carefully reads all the errors, and the Protztek manager tries not to lose the semantic component, once again reading the diary before the publication. We make all the diaries in the intervals between the main work.

What’s next?

We finish the location completely, put in order the gameplay, test traffic and finish the weather.

After that, we thoroughly polish the game all the remaining time and release it in early access. Part of the team, when it completes work on early access, will proceed to the creation of the second half of the city, create new game modes and tasks.

What we tell in the diaries before the release of the game in early access is certainly not all that we planned.

At the end of the diary, we want to separately note that we see and collect all the reviews and try to personally answer each question and commentary. And you can also affect the game and its final view after early access.

Read more about the upcoming game, before its exit, you can always familiarize yourself in development diaries, regularly output once every two weeks.

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