Hud in Final Fantasy 16 changed based on reviews, but then Square Enix changed her mind

As we are approaching the launch of the Final Fantasy 16, new details and curves about the latest development of Square Enix appear. For example, the producer of Naoki Yoshida said in an interview that during the development of the game interface was changed on the basis of fans’ reviews, but later a team of developers returned to the original design.

As we learn from the words of Yoshids, the criticism of the players, in particular, was aimed at the numbers that appear on the screen with every successful hit, and the style selected for the interface, which, according to some reports, is conflict with the rest of the game.

“We definitely listened to the reviews when we released the first trailer, and people saw the interface of the game”. – said Yoshida. “Many said that it is too similar to fighting. It was too scientific and fantastic and did not correspond to the style of the game “.

As a result, the developers made some changes to the interface, based on these opinions, but later retreated, since the final result did not stand out enough from action on the screen, which made it difficult to read.

“We listened to these reviews and remade the user interface, making it something better that corresponded to the style of the game, but we found that it goes too well with the rest, to such an extent that it became difficult to see during the game,” added it Yoshida. “In the end, Final Fantasy 16 is a role -playing game in the action genre, and the action takes place very quickly, and everything moves along the screen. Therefore, you need these numbers and elements of the interface stand out, otherwise you will not be able to see them during tense scenes. If they are too disguised and fit into the game world too well, you will not be able to see them and understand what is happening. Therefore, we decided to return to the original options “.

Yoshida admits that the Final Fantasy 16 interface may not be noticeable and does not correspond to the game style, but in a few hours you get used to it and understand that it is functional for the gameplay.

“We found that yes, when you first see the interface, it does not convince you. But the more you look at him, the more you get used to it and understand that it really adapts to the screen on the screen, ”he added. “So, I hope players will come to the same conclusion”.

Final Fantasy 16 will be available exclusively for PS5 from June 22, 2023, and it will be preceded by a free demo, which will allow you to transfer your preservations to the full version of the game.

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