Recent beta-renewal Starfield restores a performance balance between GeForce and Radeon

Bethesda shortly before the launch reported that she was working with AMD To optimize a science fiction role-playing game with the open world Starfield For CPU Ryzen and Radeon both on the PC and on the consoles of Xbox Series S | X.

It was also confirmed that Starfield will support only AMD FSR 2, and laid the foundation for the whole dispute around the alleged absence of nvidia DLSS. Then, AMD said Bethesda can add DLSS if it is needed.

NVIDIA DLSS was really absent at the start, but the modders quickly took care of this and introduced it into the game. But even if you leave aside the entire scaling problem, the hardware component of AMD surpassed NVIDIA equipment when the game is released on PC.

The analysis showed that AMD may use certain architectural advantages in this game.

An important role is played by higher workload and higher bandwidth L2, as well as a higher clock frequency of the external interface RDNA 3. [. ] The weaker involvement is laid down in nvidia architecture. SM have smaller registry files and can perform less operations in standby mode. Naturally, it will be more difficult for them to saturate their executive blocks. – Chipandcheze

Fresh Beta Release Starfield, released this week, radically changed the situation. As the creator of the software for testing Capframex, the flagship Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090, now easily exceeds the analogue of AMD by 23%, Whereas when starting, he lagged behind the Radeon RX 7900 RTX on 8%. The test was carried out with the initial resolution of 1440p without any scaling.

This result is more consistent with the usual difference in performance between two video cards. Now it is quite obvious that Bethesda did not work as hard with NVIDIA as with AMD, on the optimization of her equipment before starting.

In addition, the Game Ready driver, which was activated by Resizable Bar, and various optimization of the graphic processor in this update, the most powerful RTX 4090 video card finally showed itself as it should, and this is without taking into account the scaling. Beta-patch also added support for NVIDIA DLSS Super resolution and frame generation, and if they are included, Starfield works even better.

The creator of Capframex also tested the fastest AMD and Intel processors using RTX 4090 as a basic graphic processor. Ryzen 9 7950x3d overtook Core i9-13900K a little, although the difference is not very great.

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