Hearing: in 2024, Sega will release a game about Sonic, as well as the new Jet Set Radio, Guardian Heroes and Comix Zone

It seems that the SEGA plans for the next year – a new game about Sonic and the return of some historical franchises, and Persona 6 may have to wait until 2025, at least, if you believe the information from the insider I am Hero Too, which, as you Remember, exactly predicted the announcement of Persona 3 Reload.

The leak claims that next year the Sega will release a new game with the participation of Sonic, as well as the new games Jet Set Radio, Guardian Heroes and Comix Zone. It is interesting that last year SEGA began work on the Comix Zone film, so these two projects can be interconnected, unless, of course, information about I am a hero too will be true.

Persona 6, on the other hand, seems to lag behind the schedule. I am Hero Too previously stated that the new JRPG from Atlus will appear in 2024, but now he is not sure of this. He added that the aesthetic theme of the game will be "black and white".

In addition to Persona 6, he confirmed that the development of another spin -off Persona 5, which was also previously confirmed by Nate the Hate.

Obviously, all this information should be perceived with a share of distrust, like other rumors that appeared a few hours ago regarding Nintendo Switch 2 and the Final Fantasy saga.

if they release a Comix zone remake, there will be super in general

Why immediately the miserable shocking engine Unreal Engine 5? There are other engines much better than the all -ereal Unreal Engine 4 and 5.

For example, ue 3. And I’m without Rofle. Always loved him for optimization, unlike 4 versions. Trite take the current KF2 in which I play. And the graphics are excellent and 60 frames keeps even on the old gland.

But about UE3, I agree. This is the latest normal version of the Epic Games engine. I can’t understand how the Epicians screwed up with the 4th and 5th version, if in the 3rd they did perfectly.

I would have enough Madworld reprints. What kind of remake does Comix Zone will not yet be clear, but here the suitable Platinumgames bitemap goes to wii

In general, it is strange that there were no continuations and remasters in the comic book zone. The idea is awesome, and the implementation for those times was extremely original.

Development and idea was Toda Howard, he then worked for the sega, well, how does it often happen to go along with ideas, and the company left the copyright, and the result was the result.

What is the development and idea? Then Howard never worked at Sega, after graduation, he immediately began to wipe the backshots of Bethesda and beg to take him to work.

And sell Skyrim 🤣🤣🤣

oh lingya. )))) Saryan-Saryan, Howard Dossin and not Tod Howard) Pisetz Damn))

Howard Drusin composer, who wrote and played all the music in the game, and later sang songs for these tracks!)

Comix zone gorgeous game on Sega. One of the few that I remembered, on the same time with Dune and Zero Tolerance. These two games generally turned my brain, for I did not expect such coolness from the 16BIT prefix.

I remembered this! Thank you!)))
I am 12 again, and I hear Dune from the screen. The Battle for Arrakis))

I remember when Dune passed and at the end, against the background of the credits, Afigen music sounded. Primitive, but very melodic. By the way, I still remember the code for money – Splurgeola.

Zero Tolerance was contraindicated one evening, it was possible to release several high -quality bricks

Exactly, there were also given codes there, for a start, new missions, instead of preservations))
so that when turning on, the sega start with the 9th mission, where the enemy has a nuclear. uh)

I’m waiting for Comix Zone new. JSRF would not be bad a remaster on a PC, otherwise it remained Xbox.

The comic book zones on the Sega took place 100 times. Only then, as it turned out, I had some cropped game. On YouTube she is clearly longer.

let me guess on the seg ? there was really trimmed

I can give a disc where the full version is free

Yes, there is no longer that sega to play somewhere. A computer appeared, dad said that all cartridges and the prefix were removed. In the end, he threw it at all.
And there were cartridges even 1993. I bought any interesting things in the Baltic states and Belarus. Everything is in the scrap as a result.
Soul wound for life.

It’s a pity what is so, well, I have a sega if you want to come, take it, I don’t feel sorry for me, I will give

What is cut?

I have passed it many times and now I sometimes drive, but for the first time I hear about the cut version 0_0. Maybe in the version for curling 3 something was added?

COMIX Zone, back on the distance, was one of the favorite games on Sega), it is unlikely that you can do something interesting now, but it will be interesting to look)

If only COMIX Zone would not be shocked.

Yes, there was time. Wiped the game to the holes) Futings offset, and the topic with the aircraft finally bambiyo))

Oooooooh this is Kaffffffff.

Comic book remake would be cool on the Street of Rage 4 engine or at least Remastered . Probably the best bit and MAP 2D

And the golden ax when?

"It seems that the SEGA plans next year – the return of some historical franchises. The leak claims that next year SEGA will release the new Comix Zone."

Which Gorgeous, But Shortly short There was a game. If it is really true that the Sega decided to release a new Comix Zone – it will be just Balm on the wound, the wound from that stupid garbage, aaa and not only that they are now riveted only For the sake of money, nurturing and indulging today’s lovers of electronic garbage, lovers of genetically and-or psychological perversions, and just stupidity. Yes, and now they sometimes make tube (interesting, smart, without perversion) games and games really with a capital letter, but they are extremely, extremely rare in the muddy stream of the madness that is called “freedom” in the West, though This has nothing to do with real freedom – This is just an impunity permissiveness multiplied by the enchanting spiritual dullness of the representatives of the Primates detachment, or rather its species, which was once called Homo sapiens or a reasonable person.

P.S. If Sega really succeeds worthy of that Comix Zone from 1995 – it will be some kind of holiday. What, what if?

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