June update Disney Dreamlight Valley: notes to a patch, new quests and a star path

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans can now move on to update of June 7, 2023, which contains many new content and gameplay. settings to detect. Despite the fact that DDV is in early access, in past years DDV regularly provided players with a large amount of content through large updates. This includes everything, from the celebration of the milestones of Star Paths to a new content of history for the main narrative.

This is the latest addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley should give answers to the main chain of quests associated with oblivion. This phenomenon has been present since players first stepped into the valley, but without any way to solve it properly. This, along with the corrections of the quality of life and the miracle of the Pixar Star Path, makes an update for June 2023. Exciting opportunity for fans of the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, June 7, 2023., Notes to the patch

According to Disney Dreamlight Valley, an update from June 2023 offers players a lot of new content, and also reviews previous mechanics. Below you will find everything you need to know about the correction and its influence on DDV.

  • Remembering The major update of the main story of Disney Dreamlight Valley, focused on the disclosure of the origin of The ForGetting. Players will go to forgotten lands to finally understand what made the terrible curse absorb the valley.
  • Wonder of Pixar Star Path Players will have the opportunity to buy objects using lunar stones from the new miracle Pixar Star Path. Among them Kombinson with red panda from Turning Red, as well as an aquarium inspired by the movie “In Search of Nemo”. In addition, it was mentioned that both new products will appear both in the Premium store and in the SCROOGE MCDUCK’s store.
  • Summer additions Pride items can be obtained at Disney Dreamlight Valley through Twitter.
  • Changes in the decor Players can now configure colors and patterns on furniture items. This will be blocked until the players create the necessary 15 basic items of furniture in the game.
  • Set of dreams of Vall-i For 4000 lunar stones, players can purchase a special vall-i. bunch. Dapper Dream Style will also include an exclusive task chain.
  • Community changes Community reviews remain an important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Several changes were made taking into account the requests and comments of the community. This includes: mannequins for clothes
    Adding several players’ houses
    Increased limit of objects for decoration

Correction of errors in Disney Dreamlight Valley for June 2023.

In addition, Gamesoft focused on improving the gameplay in DDV, correcting the detected errors. Below are the main corrections for updating for June 2023.

  • Fixed errors in the King of the Lion kingdom, which are reported by community reviews.

With the main storyline Disney Dreamlight. The valley is potentially coming to an end, perhaps the official full date of the launch will be announced somewhere in the coming months. Meanwhile, the DDV development plan for 2023 continues to promise exciting new functions and many ways to immerse himself in an epic adventure inspired by Disney.

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