The adventure farmer Tales of Seikyu will allow you to give rise to monsters in its tavern or become one of them

The actions of the future farmer simulator Tales of Seikyu will take place in the magical world of perfumes and monsters, where you restore the rural hotel that has come to decline and explore the city and the region inhabited by people, monsters and many others.

The game is planned with a cooperative, and there will also be an elegant feature – wearing ancient masks, you can use the power of creatures and monsters – one of the examples is the use of a boar for processing fields.

The game will include a study of the surrounding rural area and a further trip to “The Divine Kingdom, a labyrinth, full of intriguing puzzles”. You will probably solve the problems with the help of the forces of your magic masks, some of which the developer hints.

“Turn into a raven-Tengu and freely steam in the sky Seyku. Is it easy to climb the cliffs as a Dryad with a vine or dive deeply. “. When playing for the slug in search of hidden treasures, use your creative potential to solve puzzles in new ways “.

Also, everything that you expect, for example, is the fame, the construction of new facilities and other pastoral classes, such as the economy with chickens and cows, but others include concepts such as turning your updated house into a luxurious hotel for monsters.

“We drew inspiration from various mythologies and monsters from folk tales from around the world. This led us to create a world uniting monsters, Yokaev and gods. In Tales of Seikyu, most villagers are based on Asian fairy tales. You will also find monsters from Western stories, such as vampires or minotaurs. Players will be able to witness how these various creatures coexist, form societies and even establish a romantic relationship with them, ”said the developer Ace Entertainment in the section of frequently asked questions.

Residents of the village appear in the trailer, such as a winged woman, a man-outer and a guy like a mushroom. Winged woman is considered a possible romantic partner of the player.

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