The release of paid addition to in tanta We Trust for action Forspoken took place

The notorious Japanese company Square Enix announced the release of a new addition called In Tanta We Trust for Forspoken action. This DLC is already available for playing the PlayStation 5 console and PC through the Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store platforms.

Forspoken: in tanta We Trust is the background of the main game where adventurers will again come true the roles of the main character Frey Holland. She goes into the past of the world of Afia in search of a way to defeat a mysterious threat known as a break. Together with the new ally in the person of the Tanta Chints and a set of magical abilities, Frey should reveal the secrets of the past and save Athenia, as well as his own fate.

In Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, players will fight invading forces and use new fight tactics to resist powerful enemies. They will be able to enjoy the unique design of new locations and use the improved Parturian skills, enhanced by magic.

The addition itself is paid, however, if you have previously acquired a Deluxe publication, then in tanta we canist can be obtained free of charge.

Forspoken outbreaks seeing how Gollum collects all attention

Well, nonsense. This DLS was planned long before Golum.

They should pay us for playing it

Losers also want money for him.

I call the main fake for this game Megido, share with us your impressions of this DLS, because we plunge into this feces

I don’t need to plunge my good. you already there are over your ears, because you drag yourself from the metro.

Here the game already needs to be distributed for free in some USS!

and they make paid additions)

They believe in their masterpiece😂

people uh = that addition was made with the game. He was announced with the game. It was a pre -order Deluxe and is now included in the purchase of Dluks. what should have been done? announced DLS, take money for it and then abandon it and just leave it without it bought? You have such a logic?

And they do the right thing. there are those who liked the game!

Come on, you don’t get it?

seriously? Still grandmas ask? XD

Not everyone! No need to speak for everyone.

With a cloth on the head, of course, nonsense again, but the second is quite who prevented it from making it basic.

Unnecessary addition to an unnecessary game.

You don’t need it, but someone needs. Don’t speak for everyone

Well, having gone through DLS, I can say that how a prequel to the lore enlightenment, it coped. I don’t have any special hopes on the continuation of special hopes, but I would be glad if after a while they would be washed down either the second part (which is unlikely), or another DLS but already more global.

In the background it will be about how black -facing robs shops and fights with a spar?

Stoiii, not Beria dibil, she is gobblers, aaaaaaaaa, give a stick stick

This is some kind of demo and not a DLS, in about 40 minutes, you stupidly run after the tanta and urinate the enemies at the points in the arena of some kind of rocking rock and kill the barefoot and the mustache finished, also paid, so for free of all, but at least for free at least There were no complaints in plan for free, but there was only one negativity, as a result, there wasn’t any DLS, some kind of prologue, and even that was dull, as if on a knee for a week, they made for a checkmark so that they had something to roll out as the promised DLS for which they paid Players, immediately shows the process of the process and the mustache is over, could not realize the idea, and the war was when the game was announced, and as a result of some kind of dispensed, in principle, the main game itself reached a hard -toe, nothing more , the only thing that happened is good is the effects of the fighting and abilities, the rest does not make sense,The plot is tied to run from the center of the map to three tanta bosov and to finish them, then the world is empty, there are no sidkvests, there is no play, the world is not to study the UN Internet just empty and uniform and without dynamic weather and the change of day and night, always the day and the day and the day and the day mustache, in general, the failure of the project is complete, pre -vidos

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