Black Myth Wukong developers were accused of propaganda of sexism and discrimination

Game Science, which is developing the game Black Myth: Wukong, as a result of internal reporting began to make accusations that the team is encouraged by the culture of sexism and discrimination. The voluminous report compiled by representatives of the Asian Game Community and published in the press gives comments and statements by representatives of Game Science, which contributed to the formation of a toxic working culture.

These developers have never paid for their feminine statements, ”writes one of the women under the pseudonym Jen.

Among the examples given in the report, it is mentioned how, in announcements of staff recruitment, Game Science claims that they may have "Friends with privileges" at the workplace, as well as the fact that "Fat people should go to ***** p".

This report also confirms the previously known opinion, in particular, the message of one of the main artists working on Wukong, namely Jan Qi, in which he claims that women and men cannot get the same pleasure from the games because "points G in male and female games are fundamentally different".

Unfortunately, this topic surfaced after the release of the last trailer for the game, in which a woman-half-hawk is shown among the heroes of the plot.

Another developer, the technical artist Daiwei, openly declares that "The spirit of the snake differs from what was in my imagination, but if you cover the lower half with your hand, then you can still masturbate".

An example of this is the behavior of the co -founder of the team of Feng Ji, who often publicly writes obscene posts full of sexual hints, approximately the following: "I want to expand my circle and hire more people so that I am licked until I have an erection. I want to be honest, make a trailer and be praised as the Savior of the Industry".

At the moment, Game Science has not reacted to these accusations, made by the community, which no longer wants to be silent. One of the representatives of the movement who prepared the corresponding report said:

"In their eyes, women do not deserve respect. Even just to listen to them is considered a manifestation of complacency, marketing tactics and a way to join Western political correctness. I cannot describe in what despair we are".

In anticipation of the refutation by Game Science, I would like to note that, unfortunately, this is not the last such story, since Niantic and Bungie have also encountered similar stories recently.

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