Wrestlequest racing game is delayed until August 22

Today, Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games have made an official statement about Wrestlequest, a unique combination of res of and fantastic role -playing game. The exit of the game, originally planned for an earlier term, was postponed to all platforms on August 22.

The delay occurred after the developers discovered a critical problem during the final game checks. In their statement they explained: "During the final checks on one of the launch platforms, we found that when playing Wrestlequest on several devices, players may lose saving".

The developers emphasized the importance of the progress of the players, adding that they "could never "break off" our fans". The developers also expressed gratitude for the support, saying: "We are shocked by the support that players provide us, looking forward to Wrestlequest".

Wrestlequest invites players to "Tag Team with Destiny", Allowing them to go the hero’s path in the world of a little. Players can train, study, glam and slam, passing the way from a newcomer to world champion. The game draws inspiration from such icons of resing as Jake Snake Roberts, "Macho Men" Randy Savage and Andre Giant, and allows players to explore worlds based on the career of these legends.

Wrestlequest offers a variety of worlds, exotic monsters and combat figures, such as classic role-playing battles, wrestling moves, matches and techniques. The game even allows players to choose their movements, style, tricks and entrance, studying what is needed in order to become a professional wrestler in a fantastic environment.

The fact that the developers decided to postpone with the release of the game is evidenced by their desire to ensure a high -quality gaming process. They promised to eliminate identified problems and confirmed their pride in the game, saying: "We are really proud of this game and believe that we have a product that satisfies all the requirements".

Now Wrestlequest will appear on sale on August 22, which will give Mega Cat Studios and SkyBound Games the time required to make sure the high quality of the game.

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