For the fishing simulator Ultimate Fishing Simulator, DLC with Florida came out

Ultimate Fishing Simulator received a new Florida addition. Fishing lovers can now visit a unique fishing place located in the Dry-Potugas area. As notes Ultimate Games S.A., The addition is focused on sea fishing and offers up to 11 new species of fish. Thanks to the DLC Florida, players can hunt, among other things, for a tiger shark, a black tuna, a black shark and a bearded dark hump.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator is one of the most popular fishing games of recent years and a simulator with the highest rating in its category. The game has 90 percent of positive reviews (of more than 6.1 thousand reviews of players in Steam) and Metascore 70/100 rating. The game is also available on PC in VR version. Ultimate Fishing Simulator was also released on the consoles of PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

DLC Florida is the twelfth addition to the Ultimate Fishing Simulator published back in 2018. At the moment, DLC will be available exclusively on PC (Steam).

The addition transfers players to the American state of Florida, where the Dry-Potugas National Park is located. The new place offers unique and bright places for fishing filled with fish and coral reefs. According to the developers, the catalog of affordable fish includes, among other things, a tiger shark, red pitch, yellow-fingered tuna, Atlantic tarpon, Atlantic sea perch-Goliath and gray perch.

“We have prepared for players a unique place for fishing, created on the model of the regions of Florida-kis and the Dry-Portugas Park. This is a great place for sea fishermen who like to catch “beautiful” fish or face a tiger shark. We specially prepared for this DLC 12 new realistic models, and on the map – for the first time in the history of UFS – based on high -altitude (batimetric) data, a sea bottom was applied, covered with coral reef!”Says the Executive Director of Ultimate Games S.A. Rafal Elonek.

To the plans of Ultimate Games S.A. Also included 4 additions to Ultimate Fishing Simulator (Bow & Trident, Australia, Italy and Alaska), which will be released in the future.

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