Developers s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 told how important the role of the change cycle will play in the game

At the end of last month, the Gamescom Asia 2023 international exhibition was held in Singapore, which was also visited by the GSC Game World studio with the demo version of its game s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl. Journalists of the Gamerbraves portal asked the technical and marketing producers of Vlad Lebedinets and Vlad Novikov more detailed information about the game and here are their main theses.

  • Since Stalker 2 is a modern game with the open world, the cycle of day and night will play an important role, and some enemies and monsters will differ in their behavior depending on the time of day, which will make them even more dangerous.
  • It will be much more difficult to travel at night due to a deterioration in visibility, so you will need to use a flashlight.
  • Developers strive to create a feeling of increased danger with sound design, and therefore strongly recommend not to go outside in the dark, according to them, they spent a lot of efforts to show the game environment in a wide variety of conditions during the rain, in the night time, when changing the seasons, while we hear about the seasons for the first time
  • They completely redesigned and changed the behavior of monsters, as a result of which they acquired complex cognitive skills.
  • So, some of the monsters hunt flocks, while others prefer to hunt alone. In some cases, mutants can even use the tactics of collapse, trying to catch you by surprise.
  • Each type of monsters has its own distinctive features, and in some cases even unique subspecies.

In an interview, the developers also said that a very cool role system was built into the game. According to them, this system gives you the opportunity to imagine yourself as a stalker what you want to be, which means that your role experience will largely depend on which equipment you choose, what armor you wear, and this will largely depend Game style.

In their opinion, the RPG mechanics are becoming especially interesting in combination with shooting mechanics, for the sake of which they have repeatedly visited a shooting range, they seem especially fascinating, since thanks to these two elements each passage of the game can become special and unique depending on your choice. Especially when you consider that you will have to constantly survive, constantly drink, eat, relax, treat wounds and irradiation. It is worth noting from a pleasant one that the authors also confirmed the information of two years ago that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Still will come to PlayStation.

The developers replied that they plan to release not only the second S.T.A.L.L.K.E.R., but other games are as much as possible as possible, which to some extent indicates not only s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. for PlayStation, but also to portend the already released games on the console. It is possible that spin-offs and mobile games will be created to expand the universe, but so far the studio is oriented primarily on PC and Xbox Series.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl will be released on Xbox Series X | S and PC running Windows in 2024, the exact date has not yet been announced.

Developers s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 It would be better if they told how important a role in the game will be played by the players, lies Phil Spencer, lies to the entire world community, greed, meanness, hypocrisy, double standards, Nazism, Russophobia and alcoholism of Grigorovich.

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Yeah, the story is cyclical, as if I read the promise for a stalker, I read the shadow of Chernobyl)) the same grandiose plans that there is – what’s right there.

They completely redesigned and changed the behavior of monsters, as a result of which they acquired complex cognitive skills.

They did not play the original trilogy, moreover, for example, dogs and pigs, when the flock was left, she ran away, and for example, the dogs could not attack the dog, they got into a rack and began to growl and if they stop and not go to them at the time the territory could be calmly left.

Really, someone is waiting?

They were distracted from locks and burning offices for some comments about the game? What happened?

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It will be much more difficult to travel at night due to a deterioration in visibility, so you will need to use a flashlight.

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PC, CH and ZP had great potential, but the developers did not master. There are many games from which you can take the best and adapt to the world of a stalker.

A) "Just add water". Give players the opportunity to swim, dive, find underwater inputs in locations, which do not get into another. Add the heels of water opponents. Pirania, for example. Giant octopus, ichtyandra of some. Weapons for underwater shooting. Perhaps a wetsuit with cylinders, an underwater tugboat.

B) more points of interest. Who played the first mafia, remember the quest "running Man", where gg ran away from the pursuers on narrow alleys. On the way, he came across a robber with a crowbar (he can, by the way, be taken away if "stun" him), peacefully resting on the balcony, a man who celebrates the small need of a bully, women gossiping on balconies, swearing a man and a woman, as well as a man and a woman who are waiting for each other under different arches (they can help them meet). Minute race to Bar Salieri, and how many interesting things on the way! Unfortunately, there were few such points in the three previous stalkers.

C) the multivariation of the development of events in technical battles. Когда противник получает ранение в руку, то уже не может стрелять из оружия как прежде, в ногу – начинает хромать. Some will run away, crawl "Under the noise" Plastun. Someone will come closer to close combat, and someone to shoot from a shelter/ambushes. Someone will set dogs (y) on gg. More diversity.

D) Why do not be traps in the stalker, signal stretch marks? There are monsters/mutants everywhere there. Where is homemade weapons according to the schemes, and without them. Steel arms. Saw "Friendship", portable "Plasmotron", After all, animals are afraid of fire. It would be nice to add materials combustion effects to the game.

E) in the game "Max Payne" there was an opportunity to shoot from two hands at the same time: from pistols and pp, in "San Andreas" – Of the two cuts (if the skill of possession of the cut is quite high). As Max shot coolly in the jump, traces of bullets were visible, even the tiles were destroyed and the shell. Macedonian shooting would not damage the stalker. It is also worth recalling the picture from the chn, where the fighter shoots raising the machine over his head. Why this GG cannot do this, hiding behind shelters (as in the mass effect), use the butt to hit the same zombie so as not to spend cartridges?

F) In the same first mafia in one of the missions, GG knocks out the door with his foot and pursuing a man in his underpants diving outside. These two animations would have brightened up the second stalker. Went to the door – locked. BAC – openly. And dive out the window, running away from the monster or enemy detachment, leaving the explosives with the timer – a sweet thing.

G) in the game "Test Drive Angelimeded" There was a system of calculating glasses, for the distance traveled, bought houses, cars, motorcycles, purchased things. And the player from the newcomer turned into an experienced, pro and finally into an expert. New opportunities were opened. This can be implemented in the new stalker. The player starts with a stalker beginner. Then it becomes experienced, veteran, master and legend. Each time new quests are opened, which would not have been given a less experienced stalker. The player will see that everything he does affects his character.

H) the ability to assemble a group, at least 4 – 5 characters in the game. Together fun.

I) Interesting plot, with memorable characters. Sidorovich, kardan, and a beard and so on, are boring with a floor of Sidorovich. Dialogs are not voiced. There is no life in them.

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