For CRPG Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness, a small update was released with error correction

Grapeocean Technologies developer has released a fresh update for role -playing game Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness. The main point of updating is the implementation of the support of the Italian language, but in addition to this, it makes a number of errors corrections. Full notes are available below:

  • Added Italian localization
  • Black Liquor icon is now displayed correctly
  • It is more impossible to kill the Barten Ruflodak in the Alastor Castle before he calls his illusions
  • It is more impossible to attack Deron Guld’s soldier in the guild hall during the Fair Winds and Foul quest without having to fight off the attackers
  • It is no longer possible to miss enemy soldiers on the battlefield and head directly to their leader during the quest "Only the one who remained".
  • The aura of the funnel now correctly updates the effects each move depending on the number of enemies nearby
  • The weight of subcontainers is now calculated correctly
  • Isla no longer asks about the pendulum if the player has already talked to her about a meeting with him
  • Traps are no longer plunged into the ground at the lower level of the deron-guld mine
  • Black page plunder of Benta magazine no longer increases greed
  • The vile ancients during the battle with Boss Seftis now correctly display animations of the appearance and circles of choice
  • The vile ancients now correctly appear during the battle with the Boss Sephtis, even if the player began it after the end of the catalyst
  • The potion of the frosty giant and its recipe can no longer be obtained
  • The recipes of the weak potions of the exhalation and the potion of the raging element have been changed
  • The potion of invisibility no longer depends on the player’s level, now it gives invisibility of fixed 10 moves
  • The effect of healing from the potion of invisibility has been removed
  • The effect is removed "Strengthening" from the potion of heroic protection, now it is instead of heals poison
  • Increased limits of checking shadow transactions and theology in the dialogue of Zornils in the Alastor Castle
  • Covetous Pendant’s pendant becomes unsuitable for use if the player refuses to serve as Zornlis in the Alastor Castle

The studio also mentioned the financial problems that they talked about a few months ago, and said that she was still working on this issue.

In March, we informed the community about serious problems regarding the current and future work of the Black GEYSER team. We are still working on these issues and in August we will come to the final conclusion, which we will immediately share with you. Thank you for your patience.

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