Mass Effect has always been conceived as a trilogy, but BioWare is not interested in doing it again

Do not expect anything like the Mass Effect trilogy anymore – BioWare has no plans for this. Or, at least, the Bioware veteran, who has already left the company, does not believe that we will get such a game again, saying that it has never been discussed while he was there.

Mack Walters, who worked on Mass Effect from the first game to the Legendary Edition trilogy, told about this in an interview with Eurogamer. Despite the fact that the first Mass Effect trilogy was such a huge success, Walters says that while he was working, BioWare did not plan anything like that, saying: saying: "We have already done this".

"I don’t think we have ever talked about it again", – Walters says, answering the question of whether BioWare will release another game within the framework of the planned trilogy. "We did it – what else can we do?".

This happened after he said that the first Mass Effect was always conceived as the first part of the story from three games, and the two subsequent ones were planned in parallel with the first. Although some details were not specified before the development of the Mass Effect 3 – for example, the controversial ending, which was redone several times – it was always assumed that Shepard’s story would take three games. The ending of the first game was just the beginning.

However, judging by the comments of Walters, BioWare refused this method of developing.

On the other hand, even Dragon Age: Origins worked perfectly as an independent game, and it was released to Mass Effect 2. In fact, to make the Dragon Age 2 possible, some plot elements of the first game had to be changed. This suggests that BioWare did not even consider this narrative method for other games that are not related to the Mass Effect series, considering it suitable only for its new science fiction.

But even if Walters did not say this directly, we can make a reasonable assumption about what caused this change: Mass Effect: Andromeda. Unlike Mass Effect, this game was clearly planned as the beginning of the new series.

It is not surprising that, given that Andromeda could not tell the story that Walters also said that he was regretting that the game was not continued. According to him, he would like to work on it, as this would give the team a chance to respond to players’ reviews and even more to polish the experience of the new generation Mass Effect. It is still unclear whether any part of the next Mass Effect will connect the ends with Andromeda.

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