Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will contain 100 hours of content

After the announcement of the new trailer and the release date during today’s State of Play, Square Enix revealed much more information about the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, confirming that the expected continuation of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will include a fair amount of 100 hours of content.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase wrote a letter to fans on the pages of the game on social networks, promising, among many other details, “A huge map of the world“. He also indulged, perhaps the most famous moment of the original, hinting that “Fans really want to see one specific scene“.

The director of Naoki Hamaguchi also spoke out, calling the project “the work of love“, Noting at the same time that the continuation suggests”free research“. He also said that he would be “Exciting stories, funny mini-games and much more“. The trailer shown during State of Play demonstrated a golden saucer with a mini-game about boxing, made in a familiar style of the original game.

“Although the main storyline is larger and more ambitious than the narrative of the previous game, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirt also includes the concept of“ free research ”with exciting stories, funny mini-players, powerful monsters and many others that can be found throughout the world map. We hope that you will study this world in all details, because almost 100 hours of adventure are waiting for you “.

Finally, the director of Tetsuya Nomur said that “Many elements were carefully selected for this game“And that it will include reviews from the remake of Final Fantasy VII 2020. He also hinted at some potential changes compared to the original game.

“There is also an impending question about what fate awaits the heroes,” Nomura wrote. “Regardless of whether you got acquainted with the original game or go to this adventure with a fresh look, we hope that you will meet the finale of this story on your conditions”.

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