Modder made a favor to all Starfield players, removing the repeated temple “puzzles” from the game

Without going into spoilers for those who have not yet played Starfield, I will say that in the main storyline there is a quest associated with temples. The first temple has a kind of puzzle, the solution of which takes several minutes, and in the end you will find a pleasant reward.

But the fact is that the temple tasks are 24, and all of them are 100% identical. Puzzle, which cannot be called puzzle, never changes. The temple and its contents were stupidly copied to different planets, which turns them into a thoughtless, taking time of routine.

But now with this lesson it is over forever, thanks to the Modder Johndoebowler, who created a mod called No More Temple "Puzzles". Now you just go to every temple, wait a few seconds, get a reward and leave. You can download modification for free from our site.

If you really want to collect all the awards in the temples, you need to go through Starfield 10 times with a new game+, which means that you will have to go through a total of 240 temples to get the maximum number of awards. Do the same 240 times, when the second time is already tired?

So this mod will become a real find for many players, although, unfortunately, you still need to get to the temples, which in itself is bored. For the uninitiated, the whole process looks as follows: the character tells you the location of the temple, you fly to the moon or planet, land, and then run on the surface of the planet about 800-1200 meters until you reach the temple. If you are lucky, the front door of the temple is right in front of you, but usually you will have to twist a little to find it, as a rule, by rough terrain and walls of the temple – another nuisance. Then you get to the temple, decide "puzzle", which consists in the use of accelerators for the flight in zero gravity through a bunch of sparkling lights. Then you wait for the rotating mechanism to stop spinning, flying into it, leave the temple, and then fight with a dude who is always waiting for you right at the exit.

At least now part of the puzzle is removed, and you do not have to rush around the room, trying not to fall asleep. After installing the mod, a mechanism appears on the screen that begins to rotate, and you just wait a few seconds while it stops and go into it.

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