Players mix COH 3 with dirt, returning to COH 2

May 23 marks three months from the moment of the official release of Company of Heroes 3 on PC. This is a great opportunity to look at the overall situation around the last part of the favorite series from the Relic Entertainment studio. Whether the game of players justified the game? Analyzing the comments of the community in Steam, we can say that the answer is negative.

At the moment, the Company of Heroes 3 on the Valve platform has 16,568 reviews, of which only 55% (8033) are positive. The situation looks much worse when taking into account the last reviews of the players. Over the past 30 days out of 695 reviews, only 36% have been positive. This is a clear alarm for developers that they are moving in the wrong direction.

According to the players, COH 3 has many disadvantages, ranging from the unfinished gameplay system and ending with numerous errors and poorly worked out campaign. The community also complains that the developers failed to make any significant revolution.

Interestingly, COH 3 is worse than COH 2 not only in terms of reviews, but also in terms of players’ interests. According to Steamdb, COH 2 plays significantly more people than in COH 3.

Typical degradation of strategies.

But Dunya. To blame the pirates will not work anymore

If a bad product is protected, then it will not do it better, and the negativity will add.

Yes, they have already rained down with this dune.

Usually pirates are accused of poor sales, and not in bad reviews.

we are already in everything that could be applied, I slept something for the last 7 years?

As if they were advertised by download, they were that they are returning to the origins of DOW1, and in the end they released a deliberately failed mob in the spirit of C&C4.

Then with Microsoft’s money fresh AOE4 where is only a video of the insert.

The office turns out for a long time can no longer squeeze anything good.

Here, by the way, yes. No good game from Relic has come out over the past few years. How much prayed to the same AOE 4, as the first, since the time of Starcraft 2, RTS with a large budget, and as a result, even the shirts themselves are more invested in updates for AOE2

This is not so, regular updates come out for AOE4 and new nations have been added. Despite the other dynamics, this is the best RTS over the past few years.

And there is COH1 with Blitzkrieg Mod.

COH 2 scolded too. Lol. Nothing new

Scolded because of the plot in Stalingrad.

On the release of the second part, everything was exactly the same, everyone splated out the puffs of dirt and talked about stagnation, about a bad company, about bugs, about weak optimization, and so on. It will also be when the new number of rooms comes out, sleep 3 will be quite nothing for itself, and the fourth part of the bad.

I support. Everything is just like that. But COH2 in fact was very well supported by new content and repaired with patch. This support gradually changed the attitude of players to the game. The plot is still scolded, but otherwise they praise.

Will the outfits develop and maintain COH3 as it was with the previous part? Or they will put a bolt? That is the question. A lot depends on this how players will relate to this game in the future, even if a new COH4 comes out once.

COH 2 is still perfectly played.

Played badly. Much worse than COH 1

I have COH1, it is morally outdated in all points.

It was necessary to remove dunes+ English to add and at least somehow straightened up, and puppies will fly to the bottom (road tablecloth)

Even if we are hunting, they will not change anything.

Not very pulling into this. There is much more worthy of the strategy, it is better to return to them.

Not surprising. Participated in alpha testing. Unit physics was felt quite cardboard, the requirements for the gland are high, the subsidence of the FPS, bugs, etc. After Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III, there was a feeling that gameplaino relics was carried to the wrong steppe. The very process of the game did not delay at all. It’s hard to formulate what exactly is wrong, but something is wrong 🤔

P.S. And also a game where there is the USSR is not available for purchase in Steam in the country-receiver, in the person of UK. Although the publisher of Sega, so there is nothing to be surprised here.

In any case, let’s not forget that COH2 was also mixed with mud in a tough shape. It is now praised her as one of the best strategies. And then. Then everything was different.

The situation is repeated. COH3 turned out to be a good game, but it is again mixed with dirt only because it is different. not like the previous part. Everything is as always. Gamers are always unhappy. Forever on the release a good product is called bad. But after a while, a bad product begins to be called good.

Personally, I like COH3 in terms. The graphon became more pleasant. Animation is better. Italian campaign in the Total War style very wonderful idea. I love this. Somewhat reminiscent of my beloved DLC about the offensive in Arden for COH2. In general, the outfits worked hard. This is the correct development of the series.

BUT. Many things are not made. In general, there is really there, for what to scold the game. Full of bugs. I lost some battles, because for some reason my troops stuck on the edge of the map and did not react to the teams. Italian campaign in general imbalanced. The level of complexity affects only the random fuss of the battle, but the plot tasks on any complexity are almost with closed eyes. The plot tasks are too simple. No call! African campaign generally shame some kind of shame. A lot of jambs need to be edited. The potential is large. The game is good, I like. But there are a lot of people.

P.S. The most important thing is here but only one. On the release of COH2 everything was exactly the same. The question is whether the outfits in the sweat of the face will work on COH3? Lee score a bolt? The potential of the game is really large if the bolt is not to score. I’m serious.

Well xs. In my opinion, Iron Harvest turned out somehow more interesting than COH 3.

He played the pre -alpha, alpha and beta version of COH3, as well as in Iron Harvest. On many bugs and so on, he generally closed his eyes. According to the inner sensation, COH3 did not delay gameplay at all. The technique was strongly enraged in my memory. In COH2 it is felt that the technique has a lot, in COH3 it was felt as plywood models

What a fig they decided to cosplay total war?!

Such a mixture, one might say, is a very reasonable and correct approach!

Players mix COH 3 with dirt, then mix with graze the dream 2 and finally return to sleep 1

Why do strategives? Make kinchiki with one button, modern PC games will be disassembled

Karma – ruthless goat. It was not a dumb cranberries about rkp to rivet in COH2.

According to the players, COH 3 has many disadvantages, ranging from the unfinished gameplay system and ending with numerous errors and poorly worked out campaign. The community also complains that the developers failed to make any significant revolution.

Ok, let’s decipher.. Having made cranberries about the Red Army in COH2 (bad deed), you make a lazel next project, which brings financial and reputation losses (punishment for a bad act). Karma. 8)

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