The first chapter of a major update Age of War was published in Conan Exiles

The first chapter of the update was published in Conan Exiles " Age of War", marked a new chapter in the ongoing saga of the game. The update includes changes in the combat system, the addition of clan treasures and the introduction of clan emblems.

Chapter "The era of war" makes many changes to the combat system. The revised balance of enemies offers a more pleasant experience of battles, and the changed endurance costs now determine the rhythm of the battle. Additional changes include a new system for repairing objects and changes in the stunning mechanics.

Age of War update also introduces a function "Pantry clan". This addition allows players to collect treasures and set them as separate trophies at their bases. Depending on the success of robbery, the treasures can be preserved and used in subsequent chapters.

Now players can create a sense of unity with their clan, choosing a unique symbol that will represent their general identity. These emblems can be portrayed on banners, armor, shields and much more.

As part of the update, the Age of War roadmap was also disclosed. However, it should be noted that not all upcoming content is disclosed in this roadmap, which indicates the further development of events.

Update "The era of war" makes changes to the performance and stability of the game. The game assemblies are now used not a test, but a shipping configuration. The update also eliminates the constant problem "The connection is lost" and includes several other optimizations and corrections of failures.

Numerous famous exploits in the game were eliminated using this update, which improved the overall gameplay. In addition, the update includes new additions such as Clan Totems, a workplace for creating and displaying the clans emblem.

Clan treasures" – a new function that allows players to look for treasures and set them on their base. This function integrates a variety of tasks that allow players to solve problems such as applying the clan emblem, building a chest, capturing heavy treasures and a contribution to an increase in the cost of a chest in excess of a certain threshold.

The update also presents a new "Combat pass "The era of war, chapter 1", which includes new pets, armor, everaim and much more. The awards are devoted to the history of staging and Nordheimer, including a new set of tents of staging and armor of Nordheimer and Stygia.

This update includes numerous corrections in various aspects of the game, such as construction, craft, battle and AI. These include, in particular, adjustments to the foundation, correction of some items that change the damage inflicted by weapons, and the elimination of problems with NPC textures.

Balance updates are an important part of this issue. Several systems were adjusted to make the game more dynamic, tactical and deadly. New categories of objects were added to the game, endurance and regeneration costs were changed, weapons were changed and enemies were improved.

Improvements of the quality of life are an integral part of the update, introducing significant improvements to the game. Among other improvements – correction of target blocking, a new immersion animation, support of the rejection of the gamepad/controller.

You can familiarize yourself with all the changes in the update in official notes to the patch.

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