The urban planning game Silicon City represents a new function of the election and receives a release trailer

Polycorne, the developer of Silicon City, recently announced the release of its long -awaited election function, accompanied by an exciting trailer. Silicon City, a urban planning game oriented to citizens, will leave early access on June 22, which will become an important milestone for both the game and its enthusiasts. The last update turns Silicon City into a city role -playing game and represents integration with Twitch, allowing streamers to interact with their audience unprecedentedly.

At its core, Silicon City offers players the opportunity to build and manage their ideal city, adapted to their own preferences and needs of their citizens. The game exudes a delightful retro-classic taste, at the same time it uses modern tools to improve the overall gameplay.

One of the outstanding additions to Silicon City is the introduction of a new electoral system. Players will take on the role of the mayor, armed with many powerful tools and resources. However, the opinion of Silizen (citizens of the Silicon City) must be taken into account, since their satisfaction and involvement play a decisive role in determining the success of the mayor as mayor.

To ensure a successful election campaign, players must use their knowledge and information provided by the municipal service, the involvement and needs of voters. Re -election allows the mayors to continue managing urban planning projects and ensuring the high quality of the life of their fellow citizens. On the other hand, the inability to ensure another term will lead to the end of their career of the mayor.

In addition to these functions, Silicon City also supports the concept of a joint community due to integration with Twitch. Allowing the audience to actively participate in the game as silisen, a sense of general involvement and excitement reaches new heights.

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